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About Company

Trusted Freight Forwarding, clearance and Logistics Partner Company

We are honored to present ourselves as esteemed leaders in the realm of worldwide freight and logistics, coupled with strong custom clearance services, , proudly serving as your local team of supply chain experts across Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. At The Logistic Company, we play a vital role in shaping the national freight forwarding and logistics industry, backed by resilient legacy of custom clearance that has stood the test of time.


To deliver excellence in global freight forwarding through a team of passionate experts and customer centric professionals.


To become a partner of choice in freight forwarding industry by providing sustainable solutions and a customer driven experience.

What We Do

We are optimists who Love to work together.

Air Freight

Air Freight: Reliable air cargo solutions for swift global ...

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Sea Freight

Efficient ocean freight services for secure international shipments.

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Road Transport

Seamless road logistics ensuring timely deliveries nationwide.

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Project Cargo

Tailored solutions for safe handling of specialized shipments.

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Custom Clearance

Expert services for smooth import and export processes.

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Specialized Industries

Our expertise ensures seamless supply chain management and reliable solutions for your unique industry needs.



Steel Industry

Ceramic & Tiles

Oil & Gas

Medical Equipement

Heavy Lifts

SOC Handling

Food & Beverages


Power & Energy

Wholesale & Retail

Repair & Return




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Why Choose Us

We Aim to Contribute Well to Your Company

Fast Transportion Service

Our swift and efficient transportation solutions ensure your goods reach their destination in record time, keeping your operations on schedule and your customers satisfied.

Safety and Reliability

With a steadfast commitment to safety protocols and reliable logistics practices, we guarantee the secure handling and delivery of your shipments, giving you peace of mind every step of the way.

Shipping Worldwide

From local deliveries to global shipments, our extensive network and expertise enable us to seamlessly navigate international borders, providing you with seamless worldwide shipping solutions for your business needs.

Our Team

Our expert Team Member

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John Doe

Senior Finance Director
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johnny watson

Finance Director
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keith smith

Senior Manager
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jon doe

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large projects of industrial and air

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ground and industrial shipping

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Industrial And Air Shipping

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international air freight

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