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Air Freight

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Air Freight

Explore our comprehensive range of air freight services designed to meet your needs and ensure the efficient and timely delivery of your cargo. Whether you're shipping from airport to airport or need door-to-door service, we've got you covered. Learn more about our offerings below:

Airport to Airport

Our airport-to-airport service is designed for customers who prefer to handle their own customs clearance and delivery. We provide efficient transportation of your cargo between major airports worldwide, ensuring fast and reliable delivery.

Door to Door

Enjoy a seamless experience with our door-to-door air freight service. We handle every aspect of the shipping process, from picking up your cargo at the point of origin to delivering it directly to its final destination. This comprehensive service saves you time and effort.


Our consolidation service allows you to combine multiple smaller shipments into one larger shipment, reducing costs and streamlining logistics. This service is perfect for businesses looking to maximize efficiency and reduce shipping expenses.

Cross Trade

We offer cross-trade services for businesses operating in multiple countries. This allows you to ship cargo directly from one foreign country to another without transiting through your home country, saving time and money.

Dangerous Goods

Shipping hazardous materials requires specialized handling and expertise. Our team is trained to manage dangerous goods according to international regulations, ensuring safe and compliant transport of your cargo.


Our courier service offers fast and reliable transportation of small packages and documents. Whether you need same-day or next-day delivery, we provide quick and efficient courier solutions to meet your urgent shipping needs.

Charter Services

For specialized or large-scale shipments, our charter services offer tailored solutions to fit your unique requirements. We provide dedicated aircraft and personalized service for oversized or time-sensitive cargo.

Temperature Controlled Cargo

Our temperature-controlled cargo service ensures the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive goods such as pharmaceuticals, perishable food items, and chemicals. We maintain precise control over the environment, ensuring your cargo arrives in perfect condition.

How it works?

Choose our air freight services for reliable and efficient transportation solutions that cater to your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.